Our Thinking

As I reflect on the past week, I must say it’s been quite the roller coaster ride. Last week we actioned our work-from-home policy amidst the outbreak and aggressive expansion of the Covid-19 virus. The world merely 10 days ago was vastly different than what I am seeing today. As a business, we have been preparing for this since February 15th. We firmly believe in standing by the principles we preach to our clients – set a clear strategy, sweat the details, and always stay one step ahead of your customers. Anticipating the needs of our clients is in fact what we have done to ensure that we remain operation-ready to offer seamless service during this time. We realize this is a time when our clients will need us most, and we have been working closely with them on tactical manoeuvres as well as providing collaborative support.


These are tough times for our retail partners. One of the most important thing is finding ways to stay connected and offer support at a time where distancing and detachment are being mandated. We have done so with staff by formalizing regular touch-points throughout the day and end-of-day online round-ups, and relying heavily on online teams to maintain the fluidity that our business requires. I have great admiration for the gestures I have seen extended by many in the retail sector. Being true community supporters and community connectors is a testament to the role retail plays in bringing people together and igniting social bonding. It is in times like these that consumers turn to corporations as much as they do to government for reassurances that all will be OK. Retailers should not underestimate their role as a good corporate citizen. As such, staying connected to customers, understanding them, and anticipating their needs will now be more important than ever. Showing a commitment to respond in ways that make their lives a bit easier and their outlook a bit brighter every day will continue to build loyalty and nurture a feeling of safety.


In these reactionary times, I know it is not easy to future-cast on what will be the needs of the new economy that emerges post Covid-19, but consumers will look for reassurances that you are ready to serve and ready to help them reintegrate into the new normal. I want to personally thank anyone on the front lines trying to make every day better. We remain committed to serve the needs of our clients in any way possible to make their endeavours that much more successful. We will remain social with updates and on-going perspectives on how we can all remain operation-ready.


Vince Guzzi

Managing Partner