Coppel Merchandising

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The Challenge

As a key partner of Coppel, a Mexican department store retailer, Watt has worked across many areas of the brand’s touchpoints designed to improve the customer experience and deliver Coppel’s brand proposition. This has included redefining their brand strategy, creating a refreshed brand identity based on Coppel’s new brand platform, and developing and implementing a new retail design. With a focus on achieving sustained increases in both average transaction value and store traffic, the need for a new merchandising strategy was identified.

The Approach

  • The new merchandising strategy was devised to create a clear point of difference between Coppel and its competitors.
  • This was achieved by: understanding how to create anticipation and inspiration across seasons; communicating smart value; and developing promotions that drive shoppers to explore and experience additional departments while increasing transaction value through solution-selling.

Our merchandising concept for Coppel was created with the purpose of building inspiration for shoppers, incorporating mechanics that tie in the brand, and using calendarized events to create anticipation and urgency for purchasing.

Promotions used large scale messaging and cohesive visual themes to interrupt shoppers passing by stores, and to provide strong support to the offer. Themed colours were used throughout store windows, and colour blocking was used in key merchandising focal points throughout the store to reinforce the proposition and build awareness. These themes also educated shoppers on Coppel’s wide coverage of apparel, home and electrical products, and increased the number of diverse departments patronized by shoppers.

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