Sports as a Lifestyle

The Challenge

After the success of Innovasport’s flagship store, Watt was invited to design a new store concept that was more in tune with both the changing shopping patterns and expectations of Millennials, and the shift towards adopting sports apparel as a lifestyle. Innvictus was conceived to respond to the needs of this younger generation who crave the discovery of new “in style” brands that are looked upon as extensions of their own personalities. The goal behind introducing this concept was to further build market penetration, capitalize on the value and return of investments in operational improvements and digital platform integration, and strengthen channels of revenue generation.

The Approach

  • Watt approached this project by initially building an immersive understanding of the varying consumer typologies underlying the Millennials – their needs, attitudes, personalities, and desires. This was complemented with a study of the competitive landscape and an assessment of product mix to build category and merchandising strategies.
  • Lastly, an evaluation of brand extension opportunities was undertaken to determine which elements from Innovasport could be borrowed to build equity and credibility in the new brand, Innvictus. The strategic brief outlined the path to the development of a successful retail concept.

Our retail design team responded with a store concept that is reflective of the Millennial shopper.

The store’s image and attitude embrace individuality, and customers are made heroes for embracing the story. A light colour palette and warm wood tones are used to create a fresh, uplifting, urban setting. Storytelling through disruptive visual merchandising and integrated communications effectively conveys the Innvictus philosophy – sports as ‘a lifestyle’ – echoing the ideology of its global brand partners.

Digital touchpoints are integrated into the store experience to deliver convenience and value-added support, and to elevate the sporting imagery and promotion of seasonal sports. The store experience is designed to be simple yet immersive in ways that actively engage this new age consumer.

The Outcome

Response to new store openings has exceeded business objectives and has led to accelerated introductions of the Innvictus retail concept into the Mexican market.

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