La Sirena

A Market for Discovery

The Challenge

Operating in the Dominican Republic, the Grupo Ramos (GR) former “Pola” supermarket format presented a few challenges, among them: no defined personality; lack of differentiation from competitors; a flat in-store experience; weak brand loyalty; an inability to deliver a premium experience; and little emotional connection with shoppers, especially younger consumers. The format also fell short of delivering a brand promise around freshness and service. 

The Approach

  • Through strategic design, the intent was to help GR redefine and rebrand the Pola supermarket concept.

Renamed “Sirena Market,” the new customer-centric layout is easy to navigate and connects complementary categories. 

The new store features shop-in-shop stores for the target consumer for key categories, such as wine & liquor and health & beauty. Inspired by traditional street markets, the store interior is warm and vibrant, reflecting the personality of the Dominican people.

The original site – made from 7 different buildings with different heights, evident from both the exterior and the interior – created visual noise. By unifying the space, the interior of the store now feels very open and the departments are easy to identify. The exterior now has great presence and visibility from the surrounding streets.

Supermarkets are about showcasing freshness. The key fresh departments – produce and bakery – were formerly not visible from the entrance. The new layout brings them right to the front, elevating the overall brand perception of freshness.

Finally, by purposely owning the color yellow and combining it with eclectic visual elements, the store’s new image highlights the spirit of the brand, which is modern, vivid and emotional.

The Outcome

The new implemented layout creates a comfortable and spacious store. Produce and bakery are located at the entrance to highlight freshness. Preparation and tasting stations provide experiences and invite customers to try new things, while the new fixtures for food display elevate product quality perception. Price perception is managed from entry with mass displays. The new design repositioned the brand and made it relevant for younger consumers who want quality food experiences that inspire and delight.

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