Office Depot

From Supplies to Solutions

The Challenge

Operating in Mexico in the retail service and real estate sectors, Grupo Gigante were feeling a shift in the retail landscape and its effect on their Office Depot brand. 
Office Depot Mexico is the country’s leading specialized chain store for office supplies, ranging from stationery to furniture and electronics.

The Approach

  • The goal of the project was to optimize and strengthen the Office Depot brand and its position in the market. This required clarifying the proposition by department/category and identifying new products and service offerings to enhance the brand and shopping experience.

The design solution redefined the role of the brand as an enabler and a partner to its customers, focusing mainly on small and medium businesses.

This meant developing solutions and value-add services and elements to create a complete, one-stop shop experience. The new support elements included: work spaces for customers to rent; a business support center; a service hub as a multi-purpose zone; exciting highlighted technology zones; a gaming zone for younger customers; a newly defined home and office décor zone; and a redesigned branded cash area that offers self-checkout, in-store pick-up, electronic lockers and, finally, a new in-store café offering that is part of the mother brand.

The store planning included a travel path that directs customers with ease throughout the entire space. The layout and design emphasize key service zones, perimeter feature areas, and technology areas that include digital kiosks and other self-serve solutions.

The Outcome

The outcome of this business reinvention is a new paradigm for the office supply and electronics industry – a modern, engaging and dynamic one-stop shop that offers empowering solutions for each and every customer in a user-friendly atmosphere.

The strategic design goes beyond commodity retailing. The Office Depot brand is now more service-focused, enabling the store to provide much needed support to today’s businesses. Unique spaces were incorporated to accommodate multi-level business types. Single-owner businesses can use fully equipped, smaller spaces while larger team-based models have access to board rooms.

The strong ‘retail’ focused scheme and holistically unified design aesthetic are key differentiators from the typical ‘Depot’ merchandise format.

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