The Challenge

In support of our brand positioning work with Price Chopper and its transformation to Market 32, there was an opportunity to assess and redefine the private label strategy and brand offering to better support this new direction. A key objective was to change shopper perceptions of the private label offering by strengthening its value proposition and building uniqueness and differentiation across the entire product line. Focusing on the mid-tier, the main emphasis was on establishing it as the flagship destination brand for the store banner.

The Approach

  • Our strategy team undertook an analysis that involved a review of the current private label program. This was done at a brand and category level including brand architecture, tiering approach, and assessment of the private label portfolio performance. In-market audits, competitive assessments, stakeholder workshops, and best practice approaches were all undertaken to provide insight into defining the right brand solution for the Price Chopper and Market 32 banners.
  • The customer segmentation work (completed as part of the banner repositioning) was consulted, and a custom research study was implemented to refine our understanding of the underlying shopper attitudes and behaviours that drive brand preference. Our team then used these insights to help define a strategy to build program appeal. The solution outlined the recommended brand positioning, brand line-up and brand architecture to support a well-defined, cross-category private brand program. The strategy was designed to strengthen program uniqueness and appeal, and build shopper loyalty to the Price Chopper and Market 32 banners.

As part of repositioning the new private label program, our design team developed the new brand – PICS.

This involved developing the name, logo and identity system for this new mid-tier flagship private label brand. PICS represents a food brand that is committed to bringing great quality products, hand-picked for shoppers, that deliver exceptional value. An iconic seal of guarantee was designed to inspire trust and build confidence in the brand as a smart choice for families on a budget. A packaging design system was developed to reinforce appetite appeal using proprietary photography and packaging graphics that convey a strong image of being ‘healthy’, ‘fresh’, ‘appetizing’ and ‘down to earth’. These associations strongly align with the banner brand platform and personality.

To support the brand launch and ongoing brand-building efforts, Watt created a series of marketing assets designed to generate brand awareness quickly and efficiently. Brand-building messaging greets customers as they enter the stores. Shelf and end cap signage and merchandising displays are coordinated to further create brand awareness and disruption in store to drive trial, strengthen brand adoption, and deepen market penetration.

The Outcome

Our solution was a winning entrant at the 2017 PAC awards. Awareness and consideration of Price Chopper/Market 32’s private label portfolio was significantly higher after launch. Performance tracking within the first half of FY18 shows a 24% increase in sales and growth in market penetration by 397 basis points.

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