The Home Store

Lifestyle for the Masses

The Challenge

Mexican retailer, The Home Store, asked the team at Watt to refresh its positioning and create a new brand experience to help the brand more effectively compete against foreign market entrants and improve financial performance at their retail locations

The Approach

  • Our strategy team undertook an analysis of the market and new consumer segments to identify the best positioning opportunity to pursue what would bring incremental value to the business.
  • To signal change to the market, our design team identified a need to start with a refresh of The Home Store’s brand identity to reflect the new vision for the brand.
  • The focus of the new store concept was to elevate the lifestyle aspirations of the category through solution-selling and engaging product displays that lend themselves to creative merchandising.

Our work on The Home Store’s brand identity led to a wordmark and guidelines that communicated a brand that was more feminine, timeless and sophisticated.

Planning was undertaken to improve traffic flow, encourage exploration and impulse purchases with a clear understanding of the desired shopper experience. Architectural features were used to establish clear departmental zones. Wood stained with warm tones was used to further emphasize a home environment, and focal walls were used to engage quick visual attention.

Graphic elements were chosen to convey a voice of authority, with product cards used to educate shoppers and communicate the retailer’s expertise in product selection. Themed fixtures were created to further encourage departmental cross-selling and to deliver inspirational product stories.

Our design also involved creating open sight lines from the exterior windows to make the store more inviting, and deeper window displays were created to showcase home interior trends

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