Vittorio Forti

For the
New Age Man

The Challenge

Vittorio Forti is a Mexican Men’s Apparel retailer and a Watt partner for nearly 10 years. After helping them successfully enter the market with a retail concept focused on selling men’s suits on a platform of value, Vittorio Forti approached Watt again for help in evolving their go-to-market strategy to take advantage of new, emerging opportunities.

The Approach

  • Our strategy team conducted a detailed market and consumer assessment to define the best course of action to pursue.
  • Key growth targets were identified and a new brand positioning was defined to take advantage of new revenue growth opportunities.
  • The strategic brief outlined key design directives that led to an identity refresh, a new retail concept, and merchandising strategies focused on delivering a stronger lifestyle proposition.

Keeping value and quality cues at the forefront, the design incorporated a mix of modern and art deco fixture styles to convey a sense of 1920s ‘Gatsby style’ quality and exclusivity contrasted with the use of glass and metal to anchor it in modernity.

Modernity was also expressed by mixing physical touchpoints with digital signage. In combination with display and merchandising efforts, this created promotional agility showcasing the brand’s ability to provide solutions for diverse lifestyles while delivering credibility as a curator of style.

Display fixtures were used to showcase complementary products in order to both build average transaction value and increase purchase frequency of accessories. Repositioning the onsite tailor services and creating greater visibility helped to elevate the brand’s status as a bespoke retailer and authority.

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